Follow these steps and create your flawless curls and you can even create them on the go.

Step 1. Charge Up

To ensure a longer battery life, be sure to charge your curling iron fully (between 4 to 5 hours) before using it for the first time. Charging your Wavyer curler is as easy as charging your phone. It has a built in UBS adapter and a power source, meaning you just plug it in and leave it. It will automatically begin the charge. The built in LCD screen will show you when the battery is fully charged and ready to go.

2. Settings selection

  • Hold the ON button for 2 seconds, then press it again for the temperature settings which are 150°, 180°, or 200°.
  • Then set the curl direction of right or left and then set the time of 6, 8, 10, or 12 seconds.
  • You can mix and match the left and right direction for a fuller volume look.
  • When you hear 2 beeps from the curling iron it signals that the curler is ready for your hair.
  • Please note that the heat and time will vary depending on your hair type, length and thickness.

hair curlers

3. Ready to roll
Place a piece of tangle-free dry hair into the curling iron, press and hold the start button to rotate the hair into the curling iron. There will be a beeping sound in correlation to the timer you have set.

4. Release Perfect
When the curl is ready to be released you will hear 2 quick beeps. Let go of the button and pull the hair curler down to release the perfect curl. Let curl cool to set. Continue these steps around your whole head for full beautiful curls.



  1. Every time you begin to use the hair curler, leave it on for 2 - 3 minutes  to heat up before beginning the curling process.  
  2. There are 6 heat settings. For longer and thicker hair the hottest setting is recommended and thin, fine hair it is recommended to use the coolest setting.
  3. Charge the battery fully before using it for the first time.
  4. Hold in the “Curl” button until you hear the beeping sound. Do not release before the beep has sounded.
  5. As a safety feature, the curling iron has a built in timer, if it has not been used for 10 minutes it will shut off automatically. 


  1. Be sure to charge your Wavyer curling iron for 4.5 hours before use to ensure it charges fully, extending the battery life.
  2. Be sure to choose in which direction you want your hair to be curled in ( forward facing curl / backwards facing curl ) Select your desired heat.
  3. Place hair strands that are + - 5cm thick at a time.   
  4. To begin curling the hair place your hair strand into the curling irons chamber, press and hold the button.
  5. Once the hair curler has finished its time you will hear a beep. Press the release button and pull your hair out of the chamber to reveal the perfect curl.